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A Great Apartment for Academics

I have never been accused of being athletic. All my life, I have been called academic, and that is a label that I proudly wear. That is why when I was looking at apartments for rent in New Haven, I was not really concerned with swimming pools and hiking trails as part of the amenities. I did want to be able to work out, but a fitness gym on site is pretty much all I wanted. I would much rather be in a prime location for me to work and learn rather than to play and relax, and that is what I found with College & Crown.

I was impressed with their apartments, as I was able to look at all of the different options for them right on their website. I like that they have eight foot ceilings, because that just makes the spacious rooms seem that much bigger too. One of the things I enjoy doing when I am home is to mess around in the kitchen, so I really appreciate the nice kitchen area in the different apartments too. They all have granite counter tops, which just adds to their appeal.

They also have stainless steel General Electric appliances, a washer and dryer, a gas stove, and plenty of cabinets. The amount of counter top space is pretty surreal too. I have never had this much freedom in creating some culinary masterpieces, at least in my mind, and it is definitely my favorite aspect of living here. There are so many others though, including everything that we residents can share in together. There is a resident lounge where I have met some of my neighbors, and it is a very welcoming area for sure. There is even garage parking here, and it just does not get any better than that.